Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Monday Morning to all

Good Monday morning to all!! Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. I know I did but it was very busy as has most days this summer.I wanted to share with you my E- bay finds. And my awful story about how long it took them to get here. As i have told you before I am new to the primitive world. (Thank you Mary!!) Mary from Gettysburg Homestead is a Friend of mine we work together on E.M.S. So when I find something I get so excited I cant stand it. So in my shopping frenzy, when I paid to have them shipped I didn't realize pay pal still had my old address. Which by the way is an empty apartment. So every thing went back to the dealer and I had to re-pay to have everything shipped. But the little darlings got here and I am so excited.

This is my first buy. I just love it . I have it on my counter right now , I am not sure if it will stay there or not but for now I can enjoy it there.

The next thing I got was this cute little crock. It is my first one. I will be looking for many more. I just love how they look and they are so handy.
And lastly. This was not an e-bay find but a goodwill beauty. I found this cutting board and it was already distressed couldn't have done it better if I tried.
Well that is all I have for now. I have more coming though. I think I have the address changed now so hopefully wont be long. Maybe when I get back from vacation it will all be waiting for me . Until next time ladies, Have a great week.

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Gettysburg Homestead said...

OMG I love your ebay finds!!! Oh and the Goodwill cutting board is awesome!!! I will be getting one soon ;-) but shhhh don't tell. lol


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