Monday, July 20, 2009

It's good to be home.

Good Monday morning to all. I am just back from vacation in Ocean City Maryland. I must say it is wonderful there we all loved the ocean. I am a first timer to the ocean, (yes I have lived a very sheltered life). But i think i misunderstood the definition of vacation. I thought it was for relaxation. I ran there more than I do at home and that's allot with three kids. But the kids had a blast and we made allot of memories. The best part of the vacation for me was, we took a ride on a 65ft speedboat. about half way into the ride a bunch or dolphins started jumping up right next to the boat it was amazing. Our hotel was great to it was very family oriented. You sure didn't wonder what you were gonna do with the kids. Every day our housekeeper would make an animal out of towels on are bed the kids couldn't wait to get back and see what it was gonna be for the day. This is one she made it's an elephant. Adorable I know.

As for me I am so ready to get back to reality now. I miss e-bay shopping. I am still waiting on a spice rack I ordered. Pictures to come of that. And I have to start packing for our next excursion. This time we are gonna give camping a try. Yikes. Well that's all for now I have tons of vacation laundry just staring at me.Until next time ladies happy priming.

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Gettysburg Homestead said...

Didn't even know you were gone. LOL. Now that takes some talent folding towels like that. Anyway, hurry up with the pictures already. LOL


another veiw of kitchen