Friday, July 24, 2009

Garage sale day in my town!!

Good Friday to all. Well today is the beginning of the big garage sales in my little town. And oh yes I will be hitting them hard. I am on a mission for some kind of a cabinet for my living room. As a new beginner to all of this I find myself having allot of small pieces but now i am out of room to display them. And there is a bare space in my living room that needs filling. ( sorry dh). So that is the mission. And there is always room for other things I just might happen upon. I may have competition in this trash to treasure find because Mary from Gettysburg Homestead also knows of these sales. Either she will come or she will send that treasure hunter friend of So the race is on. Just kidding Mary I will share.

Oh yea and I told you all I would share some of the E-bay stuff I got Well. I have received two more things I can share . There is more on the way. I am so addicted. This is a little wall cabinet. I just loved it's originality. It went very well in my bathroom. The bathroom is a work in progress, I wont show all of it till I'm done.
The next thing i got was this cute little gathering. It is also in my bathroom. Like I said before we have a brand new house so it is really hard to prim it up but I am having allot of fun trying.
There is more coming in the mail. I bought something the other day that I have been wanting for a while so that I could redo my noodle board. more tweaking pictures to come. Check back and wish me luck at the yard sales today. Until next time ladies and maybe gentlemen.


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Well... what did ya find???

Tracie said...

Not a gosh darn thing....lmao

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tracie! I just found your blog from Mary's and became a follower:)
Love your ebay finds:)
Have a great day!


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