Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok so camping is really not for me.

Good Monday morning fellow bloggers. As you can see by the title our family went camping over the weekend. And i must say that from now on I will "camp" only at the Hilton. Now don't get me wrong there were some very positive things about the weekend. I did get to spend it with my entire family, my two brothers and their families and my mom and dad all went we had 18 people total. And Saturday morning about 5:30 the birds started to sing and the sun was coming up and the smell of fresh air, now that was wonderful. I also loved the campfire at night it was very relaxing and smelled great. But then there were bugs and i mean lots of bugs. The first night we had a daddy long leg in our tent and it crawled on all of us at least once before we smooshed it. My dd was freaked out the whole night and wouldn't sleep. the showers were covered in spiders. And then to add to the yuk factor Saturday night it started pouring rain and then thunder and lightning. Yes girls it was very wet. So no wood for a fire which meant no coffee. And I'm sorry a person shouldn't have to live that way. So needless to say we packed up in the rain and headed home. If i go camping again I will rent a cabin.

So on another note I have been E-bay shopping some more and i have received a few more things. the picture i am using as my header is a gathering i won. I love it. the little piggy smells so good. I changed my table top arrangement also I will post the picture but don't laugh cause if you look real close my dd put her neon necklace in the arrangement.
Can you see it in the apples, funny. I also got what I have been waiting for forever to add to my noodle board arrangement on my stove. I got a shoe fly. I still have things I want to change on noodle board these things are not permanent. More e-bay in my future .

I just won an auction I told you i needed shelves and cupboards to put things I have bought. Well i won an awesome slant back shelf i cannot wait to get . pictures to come. So for now ladies. I must wash camping clothes. till next time.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love your ebay finds and your shoo-fly:)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Love the piggy!!!

Great job on the arrangements too.

haha I can't see you camping. All I can say is been there and done it though it was freezing cold when I went.


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