Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some new goodies to share

Good uugh what day is this? Wednesday I think. This is the time of the year my schedule gets very busy. As I said before I have three great kids who are all involved in some sport and right now it is football and cheer leading. One of my boys is a freshman and the other two are on pee wee football and cheer. So being a stay at home mom I volunteer for allot. Which I love. We are from a very small town and i have got to know most of the boys on my sons teams and they call me mom Its just so fun for me. So I will be cooking lots of pasta for the high school boys and baking lots of cookies for the pee wee boys. I am always tying to come up with neat ideas for the younger boys football if any one has any ideas they would like to share.

Ok so on to the new stuff. Like I was saying I have been waiting for the slant back shelf to arrive. well it has and it has found a home in my kitchen. I really love it. if you look close you can see something else new I got, It is the gatherings box on the bottom shelf.

How bout a closer look?

There that's better,Oh yes and there is one more new thing I got. And I love this one allot it has made a nice addition to the kitchen.

Well Unfortunately that is all the new stuff I have for now. I had to cool it with E-Bay this week I have school supplies and clothes to buy. But I will be going good willing so I am sure to buy something. So that's all for now I must get busy with daily chores. Till next time.


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Lots of cool stuff!!! See I told you your home was prim. The kitchen looks great!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the slanted shelf and the gathering box...I know what you mean about ebay, one place I could get in big trouble:)


another veiw of kitchen